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Watch Dee Ford run away from Frank Gore

Dee Ford was caught on video running away from Frank Gore. Some say it shows he was scared of Gore, but I think maybe he was a victim of a Jed mind trick from Frank the Tank.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The highlight of the San Francisco 49ers 22-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs was probably Brandon Lloyd's ridiculously acrobatic catch. However, we have a new second place highlight. In the video below, watch as Chiefs rookie linebacker Dee Ford spins around and runs away from Frank Gore.

People have taken the angle that Ford is scared of Gore. I would actually take another angle on this. Frank Gore is clearly a Jedi master and he has played a mind trick on the young Ford. It leads to Ford turning around and running away from Gore before trying to spin back around into the play. The Jedi Master can play games with young defensive players all day long, and clearly Ford is thoroughly confused by what he should be doing. And that's just how Frank rolls.