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Alex Boone dismisses Jim Harbaugh chatter, discusses Dontari Poe club move

49ers OG Alex Boone was asked about some of Trent Dilfer's comments, among other things following the team's win over the Chiefs. He had some pretty straight forward answers.

CSN Bay Area

Alex Boone was the first player on the team to speak up against the recent spate of reports regarding head coach Jim Harbaugh and the locker room. Boone said everybody loved Harbaugh and if you weren't in the locker room, there was nothing for you to say. He doubled down on his comments Sunday following the 49ers win over the Chiefs. You can view his Q&A HERE, but I have a transcript below.

It opened with a question about Trent Dilfer's comments, but the video did not cut in until the end of the question. But Boone's response is kind of amazing. He just gives absolutely no [site decorums] about any of this. He also had some interesting comments at the end about his one-on-one battle with Dontari Poe. The Chiefs defensive lineman blew past him on one particular play with a move Boone said he never saw before.

Question about Dilfer comments (cut in right at the end)

"Who's Dilfer?"


"Oh....must not have been that good."

Well, clearly you have some strong opinions about it. It's not something you enjoy, but it's a dialogue that's been going on all year.

"I mean I'm just sick of everyone talking about our coach. Why's there gotta be all the drama? Leave our team alone. Go talk about somebody else. We're not interested in all that."

Your perspective on going up against QB Alex Smith. You guys know Alex, he played well in this game but you guys took control in the second half. The defense did a real strong job.

"The defense did great. They always play great, they're tough guys. You can count on them for 60 minutes. Proud of everybody today."

Do you guys talk at all about limiting LB Justin Houston and LB Tamba Hali? These guys can really get after the quarterback if you get to third and long.

"Yes, they're a great team. Their front five are by far the best on their defense. We knew going into the game that we were really going to have to solidify them, and if we did, then we could have big plays. There's some pressure here and there, a couple sacks, but at the end of the day, we knew it was going to be a fist fight, it was going to go 60 minutes. Great team, happy we won."

DT Dontari Poe is a monster inside, 350-pounds. What's it like going up against a guy like that?

"It's like going up against a monster. He's a beast. He hit me with a fake inside-outside club, never seen anything like it."

What can you say about RB Frank Gore's performance? Back-to-back 100-yard games from him when it seems like everybody else was counting him out.

"That's just Frank. I think that's why everyone was trying to count him out, that's classic Frank. He runs so hard and so well, a 100-yard day is like nothing. Excited for him, happy for him, and have to keep going."