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49ers vs. Chiefs: Perrish Cox comes up big ... again

Perrish Cox has earned some playing time once Tramaine Brock comes back, especially after the game-sealing interception against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I haven't yet gone back and re-watched every play of the San Francisco 49ers' win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. I haven't singled out a few guys to watch on every snap so I can get a bigger picture of how they're looking, but I have decided on at least one: cornerback Perrish Cox.

What happens with Cox and the cornerback position in general when Tramaine Brock comes back will be very interesting to say the least. I think most folks expected Chris Culliver to be the better cornerback of the three before the season started, but he's been bad to decent for much of the season thus far.

Cox, on the other hand, has been very good and on Sunday against the Chiefs, it was no different. Cox had three tackles, two pass deflections and a game-sealing interception late in the fourth. It was a sloppy throw from former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, to be sure, but Cox put himself in the right situation, then smartly made sure he didn't do anything to endanger the play by trying something stupid.

It was a good interception, a good game and now I honestly can't see a situation in which Cox is anything less than a starter when Brock does return from injury. He continues to have big games, flashing the potential he was showing coming into the NFL. We always knew that Cox had the talent to do big things, the question was always whether or not time had dulled that.

Maybe it did, but he's back on the right track for now. And the 49ers' secondary is all the better for it. If this turns out to be a Carlos Rogers situation and it's only for a year or so that's fine by me -- so long as he keeps grabbing interceptions.