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Brandon Lloyd puts together a highlight reel performance vs. Chiefs

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Brandon Lloyd put together a big performance for the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5. We take a look at that plus his post-game comments.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the offseason and training camp, I generally felt like Brandon Lloyd was going to be released at the end of camp. Even as positive reports were coming in, it just seemed like Stevie Johnson would lock in as the No. 3 receiver, and the team would roll with Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington.

Welp, I was a little bit wrong on that. Lloyd put together his best performance of the season on Sunday, catching three passes for 76 yards, including this highlight reel catch for 29 yards:

We discussed the catch yesterday, but it was worth another look just because this is probably a once in a season type of catch. Lloyd has always been able to make some ridiculously difficult catches. In this one, we see him show his ridiculous vertical, some fantastic concentration, and sure hands. The opposing cornerback was three inches taller, but Lloyd was able to position himself in front of him with the leap. We'll see some crazy catches this year, but this one will finish among the craziest.

Throughout the offseason and preseason, I consistently felt Brandon Lloyd would not make the 49ers roster. Amidst the positive reports from OTAs and parts of training camp, I still felt like the 49ers would go younger at wide receiver. I can admit I was very wrong. Week 5 was his first big performance of the season, but clearly he still has something left in the tank. Stevie Johnson has only had a handful of snaps each of the last two weeks. Last week, Jim Harbaugh said he was dealing with an illness. This week, I'm not sure what the issue was. For now though, Lloyd is still showing some things, and has proven to be a valuable addition. I'm glad yesterday proved me wrong.

After the game, Lloyd met with the media to talk about the catch, and his performance. You can watch the video here, or read the transcript down below. I would recommend checking out the video, because the transcript removed a couple questions in which Lloyd gave quick answers. The most notable was when he was asked about the 49ers struggles in the red zone. He simply said the reporters need to talk to the offensive coordinator. Given his tone in response to a couple other questions, I don't think that he was necessarily blaming the OC, so much as just saying matter of factly, "he's the one who calls the plays."

Lloyd's tone in general in his responses is interesting. He turns to face the person asking the question, and is fairly succinct in his responses. I recommend checking out the video of his interview.

That catch brought the house down. Take us through it.

"It was just a go route. Nothing much to it."

How did you outmaneuver the DB on that play?

"The ball was thrown in a position where I was going to need to stop and go up and make the catch. I wasn't really thinking through it, just using instincts and trying to come down with the play."

Do you appreciate the confidence that QB Colin Kaepernick obviously has in you to throw a jump ball for you to go get?

"I think we're still developing our confidence and our chemistry with all levels of routes. The short routes, the intermediate routes and the deep routes."

It was more of a lob than a direct throw, and you left the ground even before the DB had a chance to turn around. Is that something that you guys are timing and working on between the two of you?

"I think that was just more of an in-the-game, instinctual kind of play as opposed to something that we've practiced. I always like to think of those lobs, whether they're in the red zone or in the field, as football's version of the alley-oop. It's the quarterback understanding the ability of the pass catcher and putting the ball in position where the guy can make the play. I think it was more of just a feel for how he was playing and [QB] Colin [Kaepernick] throwing the ball to where I could catch it and the DB couldn't make the play."

When the fake punt works, are you thinking that I'm going to have to keep this momentum going and come up with a big play at that point?

"No. I'm just playing within the offense and whatever plays come. Definitely feeling like I need to step up, and I think we all felt that way, whether we were rushing the ball or whether it was [WR Michael] Crabtree or [WR Anquan] Boldin or [WR Stevie] Johnson, whoever's number was going to get called. I'm sure that we were all thinking the same thing that we needed to come through at a crucial point in the game."

You know you're going up against a guy who is 6'3", so what approach do you take when the ball's in the air? Are you cognizant that's CB Sean Smith?

"No. Just want to use instinct and take advantage of the opportunity to catch the ball. None of that really crosses my mind."

You've made a lot of those types of catches in your career. Do you just know when the ball's up there, you expect to get it?

"I don't expect it. I just know that I have the instincts and the athletic ability to make a play on it, and that's what I rely on."

How do you go about making that chemistry happen? Is it more than just practice and games? Are there other times that you guys get together and gel?

"Definitely meeting time, sideline, the stuff in the heat of the battle helps, just talking at lunch. It all factors in as far as personality and understanding what we're both capable of and all of us are capable of as pass catchers and the quarterback. It's all there."