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Jim Harbaugh coaching rumors: Interest in Kansas is my new favorite

The NFL and college football are awash with rumors about Jim Harbaugh's future. We take a look at a couple of the recent fun ones.

Thearon W. Henderson

The rumor miller continues to grow with Jim Harbaugh chatter. I missed this over the weekend, but 10forNiners posted it in the FanShots and we might as well accumulate whatever we can! The latest rumor apparently popped up on Sunday when ESPN reportedly said Jim Harbaugh would consider the Kansas job if he went back to the college ranks. I did not see this myself, but New York Post writer Bart Hubbuch tweeted this:

I suppose he could be messing with people, but considering Charlie Weis was fired as head coach a little over a week ago, I'm going to assume Hubbuch actually saw this. And really, I'm going to believe that somebody reported just about any rumor about Jim Harbaugh. I think most of them are completely or mostly false, but I still believe everybody is jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Someone could say they heard a report that Jim Harbaugh is pondering a move to the CFL, and there is a tiny part of me that would just assume, "Yep, someone actually is claiming this to be a possibility."

I think we are fast approaching a point where we might as well create a Mad Libs for all this nonsense. I have yet to create a story stream to detail all the rumors, but that will be changing shortly. I'm only concerned about this season, and what the 2014 49ers will accomplish, but it doesn't mean I can't be entertained to some extent by the many rumors we are going to here.

This Kansas one is random enough to be my favorite for now, but I also enjoyed a Pro Football Talk report over the weekend. Florio "reported" on Sunday evening that one league source said a trade was worked up that would have sent Coach Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns for a pair of third round picks. Florio also said a league source told him that Jim Harbaugh would love to return to the Raiders. He started his coaching career as an assistant in Oakland.

At this point, Florio could be making stuff up, league sources could be jerking his chain or exaggerating, or Jim Harbaugh very well could think this. But Florio (and others) can just throw crap against the wall, and they will find enough people to believe it. The 49ers don't seem to give too much of a crap about it, but the nonsense just keeps on flowing in, and I have now decided I will let it entertain me rather than make me angry. So I say to you, I WANT MORE RUMORS!