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Jim Harbaugh's coaching destination Mad Lib

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We need more stories on this. Crowd sourcing this content is the only way.

Christian Petersen

Hey, have you heard? Jim Harbaugh might not be back with the 49ers next year! Sorry to rattle you this late in the day with such groundbreaking stuff, but someone around here has to be the intelligencer.

All joking aside, though, this is serious business that needs attention. In the middle of his fourth season with the San Francisco 49ers, a tenure that has only yielded tons of success, the whispers are becoming roars about his future with the team.

Some say he could be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Should he want to return to college, the Kansas Jayhawks might attempt to bend his ear. Or, if he desires a real challenge, perhaps he'd like to fill the recently vacated job at Ketchikan High School. Surely, Harbaugh could clean up that scheduling mess and turn that program into a national powerhouse.

But, why let the media have all the fun? Wouldn't you like to create some Harbaugh fluff? We here at Niners Nation have heard your calls, and have decided to turn the story telling over to you. Kind of, anyway.

So head on over to this here Mad Lib generator, and share with us your findings in the comments. Because, what we all need today is a few more Jim Harbaugh coaching destination stories. Don't let your fellow readers down. Copy and paste your hard-hitting journalism into the comments!