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4th and 9 Podcast: Chiefs review, Rams preview

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Tre and Jason recap the 49ers vs. Chiefs game as well as preview the upcoming Rams contest.

Thankfully the "return of Alex Smith" hype wasn't too much to handle, at least for me, although the game itself was a lot more interesting in the, you know, real sense of the word. The 49ers played a strong second half to hold off the Chiefs and finally close out a game with the rushing attack.

Our beloved Niners face-off against divisional foes in St. Louis this coming Monday night, and Jason and myself will break down both games: last week and this. Check us out via the player embeded above, or find us on iTunes or Stitcher, or your favorite app by searching "4thand9" or "NinersNation" (no spaces on either).

If you've noticed our setup has changed, including more sound bytes and such, I hope you'll forgive the slight buzz/hum we're experiencing as well. I'm working on that and should have a solution very soon. Thanks for your patience.