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Describe the San Francisco 49ers in 1 word

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Former San Francisco 49ers foe Marshall Faulk is back with another week of his GMC questions. This week, Faulk is asking us to use one word to describe the San Francisco 49ers through the first five games of the season. What one word would you use? Here are a couple options I thought of. Drop your own in as the subject of a comment, then feel free to expand in the body of the comment.


The 49ers offensive execution has been wildly inconsistent at times. We see some excellence at times, but then other times it seems like the 49ers cannot get out of their own way. The 49ers are 3-2, but it has not been a pretty road to that record. The 49ers red zone woes are well documented at this point. The team is struggling to finish teams off in the red zone, resulting in plenty of Phil Dawson field goals. And really this is about just overall execution on offense. The team has gotten into opposing territory with regularity, but they simply cannot finish it off. It has allowed us to see Phil Dawson bring back his A-game, but I think we'd all prefer Dawson attempting more extra points than field goals.


This would apply to the defense, and the secondary in particular. By the end of training camp, there was concern about how the 49ers secondary would perform. Five weeks into the season, secondary has performed better than I think most people expected. There have been some hiccups along the way, but the group has looked solid. Antoine Bethea and Perrish Cox have both been revelations in their current roles. Chris Culliver and Jimmie Ward have shown some inconsistency at times, but have always made some big plays. Overall, this group has been better than we expected.


How could we not include this as one word to describe the 49ers season thus far? It's all about the off-field drama!

Post your one word in the subject line and go from there. Additionally, if you get a minute, let us know if there are other questions Marshall Faulk should be asking the SB Nation sites. We will be doing this every week through the rest of the season, so little random questions can be fun.

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