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Better Rivals podcast: What’s wrong with the 49ers red zone offense?

This week David and Oscar detail the 49ers inability to execute in the red zone against the Chiefs. They also look forward to a Rams team that looks like the perfect remedy for any offensive ailments.

Ezra Shaw

In this week’s episode of the Better Rivals Podcast, we kick things off by looking at how Alex Smith Alex-Smithed so hard in his return to San Francisco. The 49ers offensive line had a bounce back performance against the Chiefs and we look at how they used an atypical, but dominant, approach in the run game. Discussion on the Chiefs game closes out with a topic that has frustrated 49ers fans for quite some time: the red zone offense. Our attention then moves to the sputtering St. Louis Rams and ask: is there any reason to be worried? We look at some potential problem spots before breaking down how Vic Fangio’s defense can make life difficult for surging quarterback Austin Davis.

Concepts Covered: G-Lead, Pin and Pull, SCF/SEAM zone responsibilities, Fire Zone

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