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Jeff Fisher talks Frank Gore, close losses, Tavon Austin, Austin Davis

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Rams head coach Jeff Fisher conducted a conference call on Thursday with Bay Area media. He was complimentary of Frank Gore and the 49ers wide receivers. He also discussed Tavon Austin's injuries, and the emergence of QB Austin Davis. We have a transcript.

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The San Francisco 49ers face the St. Louis Rams on Monday, which means today marked the weekly conference call with the opposing head coach. Jeff Fisher had a chance to discuss the Rams recent close losses, the development of Austin Davis, Tavon Austin's struggles, Frank Gore and more. I've posted the transcript below, and you can listen to the audio here.

Feelings after a couple of close losses:

Well you have to put them behind you. You can't dwell on them. You learn from them and you move on. There's some good things that happened in both the games. There's a couple good quarters that were played. We just have to become more consistent. I was proud of the way they battled back last week. The game's important to them, it was evident. Everybody was set to leave the building, but they hung in there.

What are some observations of the 49ers wins:

They're the 49ers, they're playing well. Kap's playing well, they got the run game going. Their defense is very, very disciplined, they're not giving up plays. They're doing some good things on special teams. It's a really good football team.

Getting back to the ground game where 49ers find success:

The run game, and the play action game. A few weeks ago, when there was a lot of no-back passing, it was effective for them against Arizona. But the run game, the play action game, it keeps you ahead of the sticks. It keeps your third downs manageable in that 2 to 6 range, and Kap's so good at it. He's going to convert those and keep the offense off the field.

On Frank Gore:

He's an outstanding runner. There's not been any drop off. He started this year like he finished last year. He's the same runner, works very well without the ball. Really good in protection. He's kind of the nerve center of that offense. It revolves around him. He's an unselfish  player, hard to defend.

On Rams pass rush struggles:

No, I don't have anything for you. I would think that the one sack over four games, I would think that probably we are gonna have more than four when the season's over. We're getting close, we missed some opportunities, the ball's coming out...Obviously we have to do a better job, and we miss Chris.

On sticking with Austin Davis over Shaun Hill:

Shaun started the opener, played the first half, injured his thigh. Austin came back in the second half with very few practice reps. In particular because Shaun needed the reps because for quite some time was Sam's backups. So, Shaun got the reps Week 1, Austin didn't. And then Week 2 we go down to Tampa and he's gotten a full week of practice reps, and he won that game, he played very well. With the practice reps he's just getting better and better. He has a better feel for what we're doing, he's trusting what we're doing. As I said here a week ago, Shaun didn't lose it, it's just Austin earned it. Been pleased with the body of work thus far. He has to get better, as everyone around him has to do that. He's been productive for us.

On what Davis has that allowed him to step in so easily:

He understands the offense, this is his third year in the system now. He got to watch Sam, and he got to watch Kellen last year. When Austin has gotten his opportunity, unfortunately it's been in the second half of preseason games, and he's playing with guys that probably aren't on the roster. This is his first opportunity this year to play with the supporting cast. He's trusting them, they're making plays for him, and he's got a good feel for what he's doing. He's got some mobility, he can extend plays, move around the pocket, you need to be able to do that these days.

On Tavon Austin not taking off:

Well, he had an MCL and missed some time. He went down somewhat early in the Tampa Bay game. He had made a few plays, we were trying to get him the ball early, so he played a game and a half before the injury. And then came back last week, and it was evident he is better, but is not at 100 percent yet. I'd have to say most of the lack of production has to do with his injury history. He had the high ankle in the last part of the season last year, not that he is injury prone because those were two unique situations. But I believe when he is back to 100 percent he is going to be productive for us.

On why quarterbacks completing high percentage of passes:

I don't think it's a rule thing. I think the talent level is outstanding right now for the most part across the league. I think everybody's doing the same things, the quick passing game, the play action passing game, the check downs. Defenses are trying to keep the ball in front of them, particularly because we've got some mobile quarterbacks in this league. And when you do that, the completion percentage is going to go up.

On 49ers receiving corps:

Just look at the plays they're making. The defensive staff was visiting last night about it, and they're just wow, this is a real solid group. They've got the deep speed, they've got Anquan that can make all the plays. And watching Stevie, and Brandon's catch. Brandon's always been that kind of that guy that can just make great catches out of frame. He's got great body control, he's very difficult to press on the line of scrimmage. It's an outstanding group. It's the best group (from the 49ers) we've faced since I've been here.

On 49ers deep speed:

Well, Stevie can run. Michael can run. That's not a problem. They can get down the field. Obviously Vernon can run. Puts a lot of pressure on your defense.

On 49ers offensive line:

Well, I didn't see any problems in Week 1. They're very well coached and they're just playing well together. The appearance is they do a lot, but whatever they are doing, they're doing it right. There are very, very few mistakes. They all are excellent run blockers. They believe in the run scheme, and they can pass protect. It's just a very well coached group, I'll just say that. Mike [Solari]'s done a great job with them.