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49ers vs. Chiefs breakdown: Sacks, tipped passes, Aaron Lynch and more in GIF form

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We take a look at some sacks allowed, some tipped passes, AARON LYNCH and some other stuff from the 49ers vs. Chiefs game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I tried something a little different with my first GIF post, taking a look at a single failed drive. I've been doing posts breaking down the sacks each week and two of the three sacks happened to be on that drive, so they were covered there. But now, with a third sack, I have an excuse to roll with another GIF dump post.

Last week, said GIF dump post wound up essentially being a "look at Aaron Lynch be awesome" post, which is totally fine by me. We've got some more Lynch today, though overall there are fewer "wow" plays. There's a few that I think are particularly impressive though, so let's get to it.

First: the third allowed sack on the day.

Kaepernick Takes A Sack

Colin Kaepernick Sack 03

This wasn't good because Colin Kaepernick wasn't able to get away from the initial pressure which means he took a reasonably rough hit from the next guy. I'd like to first point out that Daniel Kilgore was really impressive on the play, he started to get overwhelmed at first and then he plants down and really takes care of his guy. It's the left side of the line that eventually gives up the pressure and the sack. It's primarily Alex Boone who is at fault. Surprise, surprise.

Aaron Lynch Pass Deflection

Aaron Lynch Pass Deflection 01

I love tipped passes at the line of scrimmage. I loved them even more on Sunday, because tipped passes are Alex Smith's specialty and he used to make me so angry over them. But good ol' Aaron Lynch came up big with a tipped pass to turn the tables. The play probably wasn't going anywhere as that's Patrick Willis closing on the intended receiver on the side over there but still -- great play.

Ahmad Brooks Pass Deflection

Ahmad Brooks Deflection 01

Ahmad Brooks also had a pass tipped at the line and I have to say, his was quite a bit more impressive. The timing and athleticism on this one is solid. It's a really great play, he knows Smith is throwing it and he starts his jump just as Smith is winding up. Needless to say, Brooks is familiar with Smith's throwing motion. Great play.

Ahmad Brooks Deflection 02

And here's another angle of said play, because why not? Just look at when Brooks starts his jump in relation to Smith's arm. More of this, please! Brooks has been struggling thus far this season (he's meeting his offsides quota, however) and it's always good to see the big play or two.

Justin Smith Smash

Justin Smith Smash 01

I was originally making this GIF so you could see Lynch's impressive stop, start and burst at the start of this play, so do look at that. It's great, right? Gets in Smith's face, all of that good stuff. Now look at the bottom -- and I apologize for this angle -- but look at Justin Smith absolutely abusing his man and tossing him to the ground like he's nothing. I found myself noticing Smith doing that a lot while making GIFs of other players. Beautiful.

Patrick Willis Saves The Day

Patrick Willis Smash 01

This is a play we've seen Patrick Willis make every game since he's been drafted but it doesn't hurt to sit back and admire it every once in awhile, no? This was a tough third down situation and Smith makes a good decision to go with that receiver ... but Willis is Willis, and he makes the stop before the first down. The receiver might actually have been able to get it if he embraced the contact and dove forward, but Willis causes him to turn at the last second, making him an easy target.

Carlos Hyde Runs Because Why Not

Carlos Hyde Run 01

I like watching Carlos Hyde run the football. You should also like watching Carlos Hyde run the football. It's good for the soul. This is a solid run, taking the correct lane, breaking through a tough tackle or two and picking up the good yardage. Watching this is therapeutic.

And that's all we have for today, folks ... WAIT YOU WANTED MORE AARON LYNCH? AGAIN!?! AWW YEAH

Aaron Lynch Pressure 01

There's not a whole lot special here, but any time we see Lynch applying pressure, good things are happening. Lynch gets a hand on Smith, who throws incomplete, preventing a modest gain of a few yards. Lynch is really quick off the line. He seems to have a couple different gears on each play because the offensive lineman sort of settles in to block him and then Lynch turns it up and seems to catch the guy off guard by speeding around him. Good stuff.