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49ers ping pong table will clearly destroy the team from within

The San Francisco 49ers have put a ping pong table in the locker room. Let the competition begin!


The San Francisco 49ers locker room continues to tear apart itself from within. The latest news sees a vile competition for the soul of the locker room. The picture above comes courtesy of AP writer Janie McCauley, deep in the heart of an emotional setting.

OK, maybe not quite so much. It appears ping pong might be replacing the mini basketball hoop as the activity of choice for 49ers players. Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick both had a chance to discuss the intra-squad battles for ping pong supremacy. Coach Harbaugh talked about how ping pong can be very competitive, and it's a good thing. Kap was asked if he was pretty good at ping pong, and he said he could hold his own. He got several ping pong questions, as well as one about the basketball hoop:

Are you going to get next in ping pong?
"I don't want to beat anyone right now."

Are you a pretty good ping pong player?
"Hold my own."

Did you play a lot as a kid or more in college?
"At my cousin's house."

Who's the best in the locker room? Who's the champ?
"I haven't been beat yet, so...[FB] Bruce [Miller] is good though. Bruce plays a lot."

How's your strength of schedule though?
"I have taken Bruce out, so I'm going to go with it's up there."

Do you guys still have the old dunk hoop in the old locker room?
"Yeah, we do. It's smaller now though. A little harder to..."

Are there still games going on in there?
"Here and there."

There will be plenty of Sundays the national media reports on 49ers locker room issues, but I think we can say they'll figure out a way to survive. As Vic Fangio said, winning has cured more ills than penicillin!