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Hey, what do you know, it is almost time for 49ers football once again!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I would open up a Saturday evening open thread to close out what has been a loooooong two weeks. The 49ers were thumped by the Denver Broncos on national television, and have since been spending their bye recuperating from injuries. It has not been all that long since they last played, but as often happens with the bye, it feels like it has been forevvvvvvver.

Fortunately, that is just about a thing of the past as the 49ers prepare to face the Rams in their eighth game of the year. The 49ers are heavy favorites, but hopefully we don't see them take the Rams lightly. Interesting tidbit: the 49ers are 1-1-1 under Jim Harbaugh following the bye. That tie happened to come against the Rams two seasons ago. I was at that game, and I will actually be at Sunday's game as well. Hopefully we do not have a repeat of that occurrence.

That being said, just for the heck of it, here is a video I shot immediately after that game. There are a couple bleeped out swear words, and I am beardless so that is amusing enough. For now I just leave this for your Saturday evening enjoyment, and we'll see you tomorrow for 49ers-Rams!