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Golden Nuggets: Any Given Sunday

Monday, November 10, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Someone out there must have been wishing for a little dose of crazy, because that is exactly what we got from the 49ers thrilling OT victory against the Saints. In addition, we also got extra helpings of revenge, irony, heartburn, and lots of hair-pulling. Pulling out some hair and a season-saving road win is what San Francisco did behind big plays by Antoine Bethea, Ahmad Brooks, Chris Borland, Colin Kaepernick and his receivers.

If there was even a trace of doubt that this team was out of magic, then that thought can return to the back of your mind again. This game is just a good reminder of how entertaining the NFL is. On any given Sunday, any team can win over any other. As Coach Harbaugh said in his presser after the game,

"Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time."

I'm not sure if that can be considered a Harbaughism, but it accurately describes what took place against the Saints.

Game Recap

Dawson's field goal gives 49ers win over the Saints (Gin)

Second time a charm: Brooks' sack gives 49ers' 27-24 OT win (Branch)

Final: 49ers win 27-24 in overtime, snap two-game losing streak (Inman)

49ers win overtime thriller, 27-24 (Biderman)

What We Learned from 49ers vs. Saints (Price)

Rapid Reaction: San Francisco 49ers (Gutierrez)

3 things we learned from San Francisco's wild 27-24 win (SBN)

Colin Kaepernick, Niners win in OT to hand Saints rare home loss (ESPN/AP)

Writer takes a really funny jab at Florio. | Niners Fight Back to Get Victory and Perhaps Save Season (NBC)

Saints vs. 49ers Final Score: San Francisco Steals Game In OT, 27-24 (Fansided)

Game Analysis

Another Brooks-Brees hit turns the tide for 49ers (BASG)

49ers tread water as season lives in win vs. Saints (Gin)

Gamer: 49ers Edge Saints, 27-24, in Overtime (Pentis)

Brooks, 49ers win battle this time (Barrows)

Notes: Running game revisited; Ian Williams again fractures leg; Borland makes 17 tackles (Inman)

Notes: Borland delivers again; Williams has leg fracture (Branch)

49ers get much-needed push at end of regulation (Maiocco)

Kawakami: 49ers and Harbaugh rebuild their hopes (Kawakami)

Colin Kaepernick's 51-yard pass to Michael Crabtree saves more than game for 49ers (Gutierrez)

Niners stay in playoff hunt with overtime victory (NFL)

49ers vs. Saints: Full Report Card Grades for San Francisco (B/R)

Upon video review, it looked more like Cox slipped after the shove and lost his footing. Still a good call. I am so glad Jerome Boger was no where near this play! | Penalty wipes out Saints' game-winning Hail Mary, but was it a flop? (Yahoo)


Sure Jimmy, and I'll be sure to buy any product you sell on infomercials. | Jimmy Graham: It definitely wasn't a push-off (PFT)

Brooks gets payback with big play on Brees (Maiocco)

Ahmad Brooks: 'I don't believe in karma' (Gutierrez)

Interview Transcript | Kaepernick on fourth-down bomb: ‘I was happy I found somebody who was open on that' (Inman)

The 49ers enter the Desperation Phase of 2014, and Kaepernick's half-dome throw is exactly the right way to start it (Kawakami)

6 Postgame Notes from Jim Harbaugh in New Orleans (Pentis)

Kaepernick, Crabtree connect with game on the line (Maiocco)

Just another reason why I think Crabtree will NOT be back next season. | 49ers' Crabtree: 'I'm a third-down receiver' (Kawakami)

Team News

49ers NT Williams sustains slight fracture to lower leg (Maiocco)