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NFL power rankings, Week 11: 49ers with the big bounce-back win

I'm back for even more scrutiny with my Week 10 NFL power rankings. The 49ers won a wild one in New Orleans, which boosts their standing in my power rankings. Who else should be moved up or down?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back for another week of my power rankings. I don't think any power rankings have consistent rhyme or reason to them, and mine are no different. There is usually a fairly close connection to win-loss record, but this week is an example where I added a little more context. That of course is the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals lost Carson Palmer to a knee injury, and will have to rely on Drew Stanton the rest of the season. He was 2-1 in place of Palmer earlier in the season, with his only loss coming on the road to the Denver Broncos. However, much like the NCAA tournament selection committee will lower a team in the bracket because of a major injury, so to do I lower the Cardinals following the Palmer injury. I do think Arizona can hang around in this divisional race, but that 8-1 record is suddenly looking mighty precarious. They get their first big challenge right out of the gates, hosting the 7-2 Detroit Lions this Sunday.

I gave the San Francisco 49ers a considerable following their huge road win over the New Orleans Saints. They looked incredibly inconsistent at times thanks primarily to dropped passes, but they got a win they desperately needed. They travel to face the New York Giants this Sunday, so we'll see how they build on it. Hopefully there is no emotional letdown after such a wild win this past Sunday.

I'm sure plenty will doubt my slotting of the Cleveland Browns. They may burn me before the season ends, but I'm a big fan of what they're doing. It is not pretty at times, but that team is doing big things. They currently hold a half game lead in the AFC North, and they look like that team that comes out of nowhere each season to earn a playoff berth. I'm sure plenty would drop them lower, but I'm buying into Cleveland.

Rank Team LW
1 New England Patriots (7-2) 2
2 Denver Broncos (7-2) 3
3 Philadelphia Eagles (7-2) 4
4 Detroit Lions (7-2) 6
5 Arizona Cardinals (8-1) 1
6 Indianapolis Colts (6-3) 5
7 Dallas Cowboys (7-3) 7
8 Seattle Seahawks (6-3) 8
9 Cleveland Browns (6-3) 11
10 Green Bay Packers (6-3) 12
11 San Francisco 49ers (5-4) 17
12 Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) 13
13 Cincinnati Bengals (5-3-1) 9
14 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) 10
15 Buffalo Bills (6-3) 14
16 Baltimore Ravens (6-4) 19
17 San Diego Chargers (5-4) 18
18 Miami Dolphins (5-4) 15
19 New Orleans Saints (4-5) 16
20 Houston Texans (4-5) 21
21 Minnesota Vikings (4-5) 24
22 Carolina Panthers (3-6-1) 20
23 Chicago Bears (3-6) 22
24 Atlanta Falcons (3-6) 27
25 New York Giants (3-6) 23
26 Washington (3-6) 26
27 St. Louis Rams (3-6) 25
28 Tennessee Titans (2-7) 28
29 New York Jets (2-8) 31
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8) 29
31 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) 30
32 Oakland Raiders (0-9) 32