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NFL picks against the spread, Week 11: 49ers moderate favorites against Giants for SuperContest

The 49ers are back on the road as a 3.5-point favorite against the Giants. Do I take them with one of my five SuperContest picks? Who else should I consider?

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Welcome back for another week of Fooch's picks! I am in a position where I am putting together a respectable performance, but I am not make the kind of leap that can get me into serious contention. After a 2-3 Week 9 performance, I was able to go 3-2 last weekend. It was not a great week, but again, given my goal of just finishing in the top half of the standings, it helps. Although, I am starting to get a little greedy, and would enjoy a 4-1 or 5-0 week here or there!

For those that missed the previous explanation, I'm taking part in the LVH SuperContest, with OddsShark covering my entry fee. There are over 1,400 entries, and my goal from day one has been to finish closer to first place than last place. You can check out full standings here. The 3-2 week has me at 27-23 overall, and hanging on the right side of the middle of the pack! Heading into the season, my goal was to finish closer to first than last. I'm working toward that, but like I said, I'm getting a little greedy now.

This week, the 49ers are listed at -3.5 in the SuperContest lines, although the line has climbed elsewhere as high as high as 4.5-points. That extra half point on the SuperContest line kind of bugs me. The 49ers are clearly the better team, but considering some of their losses this season, it is hard to say we know anything with certainty. They lose to the Rams at home, and then they beat the Saints on the road. They head into New Jersey coming off a fairly emotional victory, so there is the concern of a letdown. Of course, Aldon Smith is a human wrecking ball who very well could make up the difference. I just don't know.

Other than that, some games I am looking at include Browns over Texans, Packers over Eagles, Saints over Bengals, Lions over Cardinals, Colts over Patriots, and Steelers over Titans. I am not remotely confident at this point, so my picks could come down to the wire. What are you seeing?

DOLPHINS vs. Bills (+5) - Dolphins
BROWNS vs. Texans (+3) - Browns
BEARS vs. Vikings (+3) - Vikings
PACKERS vs. Eagles (+6) - Packers
CHIEFS vs. Seahawks (+1.5) - Chiefs
PANTHERS vs. Falcons (+2) - Panthers
SAINTS vs. Bengals (+7) - Saints
WASHINGTON vs. Buccaneers (+7.5) - Bucs
RAMS vs. Broncos (-9.5) - Broncos
GIANTS vs. 49ers (-3.5) - 49ers
CHARGERS vs. Raiders (+10) - Chargers
CARDINALS vs. Lions (+2.5) - Lions
COLTS vs. Patriots (+3) - Colts
TITANS vs. Steelers (-6) - Steelers