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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 11

Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Don't forget the Niners Nation-specific FanDuel league is open for entries. The entry fee is $5, winner gets $100. We have 88 open spots.

Week 10 Recap

Final Roster

Aaron Rodgers $9900 - 36.6 points
Ronnie Hillman $7400 - 3.2
LeSean McCoy $7700 - 8.2
Julio Jones $8000 - 15.9
Stevie Johnson $5500 - 5.8
Percy Harvin $6600 - 7.1
Owen Daniels $5400 - 3
Matt Bryant $4500 - 15
Detroit Lions $5000 - 8

Although the 49ers were able to get the big win, I was unable to taste sweet sweet victory in FanDuel. I was doomed by my running backs and a bad call on Stevie Johnson. I've obviously offended the fantasy football gods. This week, I'll try a new approach to get back into their good graces.

Starting Bank: $60

Week 1: Lost $1
Week 2: Won $4/Lost $5
Week 3: Lost $5
Week 4: Lost $5
Week 5: Won $5
Week 6: Won $1.80/Lost $6
Week 7: Lost $6
Week 8: Lost $3.20
Week 9: Lost $6.00
Week 10: Lost $5.00/Won $1.80

Current Bank: $28.68

This week, I'm going back to a FanDuel 50/50 league where the top 50 teams win $9. Here is the team I plan to unleash on Sunday.


Robert Griffin III (Washington) $7,400: I'm also starting him in my redraft league because Carson Palmer's knee decided to take the rest of the season off. Old Bobby 3 Sticks gets a favorable matchup at home against the struggling Buccaneers. He looked solid in his last game and he has all the weapons he needs to put up quality fantasy points. There's a ton of upside given the price.

Running Backs

Alfred Morris (Washington) $7,300: Griffin's backfield mate is a better fantasy play when they are both on the field. I'm hoping this trend continues against the Buccaneers, but Roy Helu will take away snaps on passing downs and Morris has been known to lose TDs to fullbacks and third string RBs in the past. The workload should be there, just have to hope a touchdown comes his way.

Rashad Jennings (Giants) $6600: The Giants need him back in a big way and the 49ers have been more vulnerable to the run this year. What he lacks in rushing yards he should be able to make up in the passing game.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones (Falcons) $8200: He hasn't been finding the end zone, but all the other stats are right where you want them. The Falcons could summon Andre Rison off his couch and he would have a good chance at scoring against the Panthers. There are a lot of good WR match-ups this week, but I think Carolina shows up and both teams score in the upper 20's.

Anquan Boldin (49ers) $6900: "Q" is the man now in the Bay. He'll be looking to rebound after hauling in less than 50% of his targets last week and without Prince Amukamara the Giants secondary is exploitable.

Keenan Allen (Chargers) $6400: Most consider "Allen" a dinosaur sized disappointment, but he is actually on track to finish with more receptions than in his rookie year. If he could only start racking up the TDs! He is still getting nearly 10 targets a week and his history against the Raiders is good enough for me to roll the dice.

Tight End

Julius Thomas (Broncos) $7500: A little birdie (Twitter) told me that the reason for Thomas' dry spell was that he needed to block more often with Ronnie Hillman in the backfield. With Hillman out Julius was free to run routes and return to fantasy relevancy. I'll buy it and spend a little extra than normal on tight end this week.


Nick Novak (Chargers) $4500: He is perfect on the season and the Chargers are going to want to make an example of the Raiders after being shut out on the road just before their bye week. Also, he is one of the cheapest kickers available, so he has that going for him.


Cleveland Browns $5200Joe Haden has been his old shutdown self recently and the Browns are playing some quality defense. They'll see Ryan Mallet on Sunday for his 2014 starting debut. I like the sound of the scenario.

Who are some of your sleeper picks this week? I promise not to use this information against you.

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