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Which 49ers knit hat would you buy?

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I have an email address set up for random little stuff, that is primarily junk mail. A while back I purchased a gift for my dad at Mitchell & Ness. They have my email address, so I get their random emails about new products. Normally I just delete them, but today I got one that caught my eye. They were offering up "pom knit beanies", in a mix of current and throwback looks.

I poked around the website, and came across some interesting 49ers options. The two above were the primary options, and then I also saw this one:

This gold one is $26, the red one is also $26, and the gray one is $24. I am leaning toward getting the gray one, but I figured I would see what others thought about each of them. Weather here in DC dropped into the 40s, and it was basically the coldest day since the end of last winter. I have a basic red 49ers beanie, but I like the one with the pom pom on top, so I am considering these options.