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49ers vs. Giants: Talking Rashad Jennings, Odell Beckham, and what New York needs to do to compete

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the New York Giants this Sunday, so we chatted with Big Blue View to get a better idea of what makes the G-men tick.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Big Blue View took a few minutes to chat with us about the New York Giants. We talked about the return of Rashad Jennings and the exciting play of Odell Beckham. He also told us how to beat the Giants on offense and defense, what players on each side of the ball he would take from the 49ers. Finally, he discussed how the Giants could spring an upset.

Niners Nation: Will Rashad Jennings play, and if so, how does that change the Giants offense?

Big Blue View: Jennings is expected to play barring a setback with his knee, and that is great news for the Giants. He really is the only "complete" back the Giants have. He is a quality runner, although not really a big play threat. He can catch the ball and understands the screen game. He also understands pass protection.

Andre Williams is a talented rookie, but he has struggled to be patient and learn to read blocks. He's also not an accomplished receiver or developed pass protector.

Jennings' presence should improve the run game and it should improve the "comfort" level of the offense in that they know when Jennings is on the field they aren't limited by what he can or can't do.

NN: Now that he is healthy, Odell Beckham is playing some great football. How has he developed?

BBV: Beckham has been absolutely amazing, especially for a guy who missed nearly all of the spring, all of training camp and preseason, and didn't begin practicing full time until Week 5. He has speed, he has terrific hands, he can jump, he will fight for the ball and he runs great routes.

Watch the clip of the double move he made to toast Richard Sherman for a 44-yard catch Sunday. I don't think you can do it any better than that. As Sherman said after the game, the guys is the "real deal."

NN: You can take one 49er player from each side of the ball and insert them into the Giants lineup. Who would they be?

BBV: Offense: This is a difficult question because there isn't one guy who absolutely jumps out at me as a 'must have' guy. I would probably take Joe Staley, move Will Beatty to the right side and kick RT Justin Pugh inside to solidify the offensive line. Honestly, the other choice would be Anquan Boldin if we are talking about RIGHT NOW. He's old and he can't run any faster than I can. But, I've always thought he was a perfect Eli Manning receiver. Big, strong, dependable, will fight for the ball and make the play in traffic. On the opposite side of a speed guy like Beckham he would be incredible.

Defense: This is tricky because the Giants play 4-3 and the 49ers play mostly 3-4. But ... the guy I would want desperately if he was healthy would be Patrick Willis. Giants fans will tell you how desperate they are for quality linebacking and a healthy Willis would be a dream for the Giants.

NN: How should the 49ers attack the Giants offensively and defensively?

BBV: Offensively: First, you test that front seven. Pound them with Gore and Hyde and see if they have a) the talent and b) the will to compete. Then, you test them on the edges and see if they can contain. They couldn't do either against Seattle. 
If they can manage to do those things you just throw. They've lost Prince Amukamara, Walter Thurmond and Trumaine McBride at corner, have only one good safety (Antrel Rolle) and don't really have any linebackers who can cover.

There's a good reason they are the worst-ranked defense in the league. They have no discipline, and with all the injuries they have suffered they don't have much talent left, either.

Defensively: Make the Giants one-dimensional. They will strive for balance. Force them to throw. As terrific as Eli Manning has been this season he and Beckham probably can't beat the 49ers all by themselves.

NN: What do the Giants need to do to spring the upset?

BBV: Show some pride. Compete a little and don't just roll over defensively like they did against Seattle. Win the turnover battle and turn those into points. They also need to score 30+ points, something they haven't done in a while. The defense is going to give up points. The Giants have to, basically, play a perfect offensive game.