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Maybe, just maybe, the 49ers should consider running the ball against the Giants

The Giants run defense is playing at what seems like an historically bad level. Will the 49ers take advantage of it? How will the Giants adjust from their awful performance against Seattle?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Quite possibly the most important statistic for Sunday's game should be this. From our friends at Pro Football, the New York Giants have allowed 5.0 YPC on the year (5.2 YPC on first downs). On runs outside of left tackle they have allowed 6.1 YPC, and outside of right tackle they have allowed 6.7 YPC.

Here's a thought for Greg Roman and company. Barring the Giants stacking nine men in the box every single play, maybe the 49ers should consider running the ball. I'm not an expert on these things, but it's just a hunch. The 49ers offensive line has struggled in pass protection, but they remain a solid run blocking unit. They have been inconsistent at times, but for the most part, they can do some damage.

The question is how much the Giants sell out to stop the run. Last week against the Seattle Seahawks, the Giants were thoroughly shredded on the ground. Marshawn Lynch rushed for 140 yards on 21 carries, Russell Wilson added 107 yards on 14 carries, and Christine Michael and Robert Turbin combined for 103 on ten carries. That's absolutely filthy. The Seahawks rushed for 350 yards on 45 carries. That's the kind of performance a good college puts up against a bad college.

Will the Giants abandon any pretense of stopping the pass after a game like that? After a performance like last week, they have to figure something out, right? Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said the Giants were going to compete on Sunday and get the win. They very well could spring the upset, but if they defend the run like that, they are going to be in for a long day. That is assuming the 49ers decide to consistently attack them on the ground. I suppose anything is possible with their game-planning!