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Watch all 5 of Eli Manning's interceptions against the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Giants thanks in large part to a five-interception performance by Eli Manning. It's time to look at ALL of the interceptions on loop.


You know you want to watch this GIF over and over and over again. Eli Manning threw five interceptions on Sunday, as the San Francisco 49ers held off the New York Giants 16-10. It was not a pretty game for the 49ers offense, but they were fortunate once again as the defense absolutely bailed them out. Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree had some big performances for the 49ers, and Phil Dawson had his three field goals, but otherwise, this game was all about the defense.

Chris Borland had a pair of interceptions, nabbing the first and last picks of the game. I thought the first one was the most impressive of the five as Borland had to sort of work his way around Odell Beckham, Jr. and reach up and away for the pick. The latter came to Borland via deflection on 4th and goal. There was nothing really there, but the Giants had to do something.

Michael Wilhoite had the second interception of the bunch. That was a mix of good coverage and bad decision-making. Chris Culliver had good coverage on Rueben Randle. Wilhoite was underneath, and Eli tried to force it somehow. It seemed pretty obvious that Wilhoite was there, but that was a typical bad Eli throw.

Eric Reid and Chris Culliver nabbed the other two interceptions. Reid's came on a bit overthrow and he was just waiting for it. Culliver's came on a throw wide of the mark. The highlight of the five might have been Cully running over and handing the ball to Jim Harbaugh. After the game, Harbaugh said he would give the ball back to Culliver.

Whichever of the five is your favorite, you can watch them on loop with this GIF. Enjoy!