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Anthony Davis tweets he got knocked out near the end of the game

49ers right tackle Anthony Davis tweeted he was knocked out late in the team's win over the Giants. Hopefully all is well for him.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Each moment you think the San Francisco 49ers season has reached its zenith of weirdness, something else happens. Ahmad Brooks being unhappy with playing time seemed to be the top of the crazy scale, but things just weirder and weirder. Right tackle Anthony Davis sent out this pair of tweets.

The good news is he later sent out this tweet.

NFL Rewind does not become available until after Sunday Night Football ends, so I'm going to go back in and check out the closing part of the game. Jeff Deeney tweeted out seeing it happen in the final two minutes. The only 49ers play before their final kneel down was a Colin Kaepernick scramble on 3rd and 7. Kap gained five yards coming out of the two-minute warning, and the 49ers punted with 1:22 to go. The Giants went four and out and the 49ers wrapped it up with their one kneel down. In the morning I'll grab some video of it.

The 49ers face Washington this coming Sunday, which means their first practice participation report will be due on Wednesday. We'll find out between now and then if Davis has to go through the concussion protocol. Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media at 12:15 p.m. on Monday, and then again Wednesday around noon. I suspect he'll get a question about Davis's status. If Davis was knocked out on that play, I would hope he is put through the concussion protocol. If he is fine, he'll get through the protocol and play next Sunday. If he does not pass the protocol, then he does not play. Since he is tweeting from the flight back to the Bay Area, I am assuming the team checked him out at some point after he came off the field. Either way, hopefully all is well for him.