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Jim Harbaugh speculation continues, but I demand Florida rumors!

It was another Sunday of Jim Harbaugh speculation on NFL Network. We break down the latest there, and consider what it would take to generate some rumors about Harbaugh and the University of Florida.

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The San Francisco 49ers took care of business on Sunday with their win over the New York Giants, but it would not be a 49ers victory Sunday without more speculation about Jim Harbaugh. The good news to come of all this is when there is a piece from major media about Harbaugh, the 49ers have won.

The 49ers head coach has been discussed frequently this season, with his future considered in doubt with the team. Prior to Sunday's game against the Giants, Ian Rapoport had the latest speculation, this time involving the Miami Dolphins and Jim Harbaugh's wife. According to Rapoport, Harbaugh is off the Dolphins radar at this point, and I suppose more importantly, his wife apparently enjoys the Bay Area and does not want to leave.

The latter has been speculated on previously. But in "reporting" on this, Ian Rapoport was able to point to the Oakland Raiders as a logical option.

It was all non-news, but I wanted to bring up the speculation in light of the new job opening at the University of Florida. Jim Harbaugh has not been mentioned in connection with it, but that did not stop from listing Harbaugh as part of their odds on the next Florida head coach.

Rich Rodriguez - 2/1
Dan Mullen - 5/1
Pat Narduzzi - 6/1
Bob Stoops - 6/1
Gary Patterson -7/1 
Hugh Freeze - 8/1
Kirby Smart - 15/1
Dan Quinn - 15/1
Kevin Sumlin - 25/1
Mike Gundy - 25/1
Steve Spurrier - 50/1
Jon Gruden - 50/1

Michigan and Kansas are the two schools mentioned in connection with Jim Harbaugh. Michigan will always remain on the radar because of his years there, while Kansas is close to his wife's family. He has previously been connected to Texas and USC, as well as the Dolphins and Browns at the NFL level.

This will all go into overdrive in the offseason if he does not have a contract extension, but would anybody really be surprised to see some connection of Florida and Harbaugh? I don't know that it will definitely happen, but it just seems like a logical next step in the coverage.

If you think we will hear a Harbaugh-Florida rumors, the question then becomes who will break it. I thought I would open the floor for predictions on which media personality reports speculation about Florida. And if you don't think we'll hear it, feel free to say as much.

At this point, I am inclined to go with Jason LaCanfora and Ian Rapoport as the early favorites to report on this. I'd see Rapoport as a heavy favorite given all the Harbaugh chatter he has provided. Jay Glazer and Adam Schefter would also get fairly low odds.

Beyond that, Jason Cole is a guy that would probably be worth a wager. He has become Bleacher Report's national NFL guy, and he uses video to report on all sorts of random stuff. He's had a few pieces of 49ers speculation, so he would be in the mix. Any darkhorses you see out there? They don't necessarily need to have the Florida connection to get this out there. After all, David Dunn, Harbaugh's agent, can feed any number of media types on this to keep the rumor mill floating onward.