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Jim Harbaugh expects Ahmad Brooks to play on Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers have a conundrum with Ahmad Brooks unhappy about playing time. Jim Harbaugh provided a brief update on that situation on Monday.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Monday, and naturally he got a question about the status of Ahmad Brooks. Harbaugh said that the situation had been discussed and resolved, but he would not provide details about what was discussed. He did say he expected Ahmad Brooks to play this Sunday.

This all comes a day after Ahmad Brooks reportedly benched himself due to unhappiness with the team's rotation at outside linebacker. I'm sure there are still issues to be dealt with, but I am curious to see exactly how the 49ers use Brooks this Sunday. He clearly seemed to lose his starting role, with Aaron Lynch playing some great football Sunday and all season.

If Brooks plays, I suspect we see some bit of rotation, but can you justify taking many snaps away from Aaron Lynch? Washington is not a particularly good team, but they have a certain amount of balance on offense. So, we would not be talking about a run heavy team that might justify more Brooks. How do you see things playing out Sunday? Could we even see a surprise deactivation? I don't think we can really rule anything out at this point.