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Anthony Dixon walking through the snow, probably wishing he was in the Bay Area!

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

I like to check in occasionally on former San Francisco 49ers running back Anthony Dixon, as he remains one of the more entertaining players in the NFL. Dixon signed with the Buffalo Bills this offseason, and considering he is from the south and started his NFL career in the Bay Area, it was always going to be interesting to see how he adjusted to the cold weather in Buffalo.

Winter is upon us, and Buffalo got hammered with snow. We hope for the best for all of them, but I'm not entirely sure Boobie Dixon is going to survive! This Instagram video is going to crack you up. The second one involves him trekking through some snow.

Striving and surviving lol #ItsBoobieD #ItsBoobieEskimo

A video posted by @boobiedixon on

We out chea lol I don't get tired

A video posted by @boobiedixon on