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49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks odds to win NFC West entering Week 12

The current odds on the 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks winning the NFC West.

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The San Francisco 49ers are currently tied with the Seattle Seahawks at 6-4, and both sit three games behind the 9-1 Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers dropped their one game against the Cardinals in Arizona, while the Seahawks have yet to face either Arizona or San Francisco. Many see the Cardinals pulling away from the pack, but with so many divisional games remaining, this thing is still up in the air.

Bovada sends out weekly Super Bowl, conference title and divisional odds. Last week, the 49ers were 5/1 to win the NFC West, while the Cardinals and Seahawks were each 6/5. Since then, the 49ers and Cardinals have each won a game, while the Seahawks dropped a game in Kansas City. The odds now have the Cardinals at 2/5, with the 49ers at 15/4, and the Seahawks at 17/4.

Here is how the remaining schedules look for each team:

49ers remaining games: Washington, Seahawks, @ Raiders, @ Seahawks, Chargers, Cardinals

Cardinals remaining games: @ Seahawks, @ Falcons, vs. Chiefs, @ Rams, vs. Seahawks, @ 49ers

Seahawks remaining games: vs. Cardinals, @ 49ers, @ Eagles, vs. 49ers, @ Cardinals, vs. Rams

The 49ers benefit from only have to play two road games, with one being in Oakland. I would say Seattle has the toughest schedule remaining, but the Cardinals have the most travel to do. That opens the door for the 49ers to claim the NFC West. The 49ers can only control what is on their own schedule, but that does not mean we can't be rooting for and against certain results.

The Cardinals and Seahawks square off this weekend, with plenty on the line. People have been talking about whether or not we as fans should be rooting for Arizona or Seattle this weekend. Personally, I'm rooting for Seattle, because I think the 49ers have a very legitimate shot at winning the NFC West. If the Cardinals lose, and the 49ers win, suddenly San Francisco is two games back with five to play, one of which is a home game against Arizona. There are plenty of formulations to be figured out based on tiebreakers, but I like the idea of squeezing back into at least a first round home game.

That being said, if Arizona beats Seattle, the 49ers could do some serious damage to Seattle's playoff hopes with a win on Thanksgiving. I'm always down for getting Seattle further behind San Francisco in the race for the wild card. Of course, as I said at the top, It does all come down to the 49ers handling their own business.

Bovada also provided some Super Bowl odds. The 49ers are currently listed at 12/1. A week ago they were at 16/1, and the week before that they were at 25/1. I really wish I had put down a bet two weeks ago. Maybe the 49ers do not end up winning the Super Bowl, but those were some nice odds to grab. Although, I can live with 12/1 as well.

Just for the heck of it, I've dropped in a poll. Who will win the NFC West?