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Jim Harbaugh trying to strip the ball from Nick Moody

A video posted by (@niner_fans) on

FOOCH'S UPDATE: I'm not entirely sure why the video is not working. You can watch it HERE.

The national media might make it seem like the San Francisco 49ers are a team in turmoil, but the sites from practice often dictate something else entirely.

The latest is this great video captured by Ryan Sakamoto of It shows defensive players running some ball drills. As the video develops, we see head coach Jim Harbaugh trying to strip the ball away from linebacker Nick Moody. The two battle for the ball, and eventually Harbaugh goes to the ground but with the ball in hand. I'm pretty sure the play would have been blown dead before the end, but for practice purposes, this probably counts as a victory for Jim Harbaugh!

I am sure the 49ers locker room is not completely in harmony all the time, but I also imagine it is not nearly what some might report. Things happen, the 49ers will survive.

A video posted by (@niner_fans) on