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Golden Nuggets: Welcoming our new robot overlord - Chris Borland

Thursday, November 20, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. I would like to take a moment to welcome the new robot overlord in the 49ers defense. He may be a third round pick, but he is quickly rising to first in the hearts of 49er fans everywhere. He is replacing maybe the first and second best inside linebackers in the entire NFL. He was too short, to slow, had T-Rex arms, but the guy was and is as excellent football player. I am speaking of course, of Chris Borland, the machine that came out of nowhere to possibly lead this rag tag band of Superbowl contenders to the playoffs.

Seriously guys, in case you hadn't heard or watched the last four games closely, Chris Borland is an absolute stud. Pro Football Focus - whose opinion on front seven players and offensive lineman might be the most well respected out there - wrote a piece comparing Chris Borland to Luke Kuechly. Only they think Borland might be the better player. Who knows how this season will end up, but  one thing is abundantly clear, the 49ers know how to scout linebackers. To the links!

Chris Borland - Like Luke Kuechly, only better (PFF)

Gruden: Bengals drafted Dalton because he was more ready than Kaepernick (Gin)

Gruden: Washington was interested in Borland (Gin)

Chris Borland named NFC Defensive Player of the Week (Gin)

DeSean Jackson talked with the 49ers as a free agent (Gin)

Jim Harbaugh transcript (Cohn)

Colin Kaepernick transcript (Cohn)

Vernon Davis transcript (Cohn)

Vernon Davis optimistic he will snap out of latest dry spell (Inman)

Ahmad Brooks transcript (Cohn)

Ahmad Brooks apologizes to 49ers (ESPN)

Harbaugh supports apologetic Brooks: 'Not insubordination' (Maiocco)

Ahmad Brooks moving forward after apologizing to DL coach Jim Tomsula for words that led to Sunday’s benching (Inman)

What should we make of the handling of Michael Crabtree? (Lynch)

49ers injury report: Brock, Ellington not practicing (Maiocco)

49ers injury report: RT Anthony Davis concussed (ESPN)

After getting off the field, RT Davis still on sideline (Branch)

Harbaugh: Bowman not expected to practice this week (Maiocco)

NaVorro Bowman not practicing for 49ers -- yet (ESPN)

49ers notes: NaVorro Bowman unlikely to practice this week (Barrows)

Anatomy of a Play: 49ers Goal-line Stand vs. Giants (49ers)

Former 49ers' Craig, Haley among Hall of Fame semifinalists (Mercury News)

All-Pro Infusion: Can Aldon Smith and Josh Gordon Change the Postseason Picture? (Grantland)

Robert Griffin III  says focus on San Francisco 49ers, not off-field comments (ESPN)

Candid Jay Gruden talks Kaepernick, Dalton and RG III (Washington)

Jay Gruden says RG3 must show ‘major improvement against San Fran, or it will be a long afternoon’ (Inman)