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Who are the 49ers that have gone under the radar through Week 11?

Marshall Faulk is back asking us who we would qualify as the San Francisco 49ers unsung hero at this point in the season. We have taken a look at under the radar players with opposing fans, and we'll have that tomorrow with Hogs Haven. However, as 49ers fans, who would you view as the 49ers unsung hero ten games into the season?

Guys like Aaron Lynch and Chris Borland are blowing up, and getting enough national publicity that they are not unsung. Antoine Bethea is getting discussed by some national media as a potential All Pro candidate, so he certainly does not count. Stevie Johnson was a candidate for this early on, but he has sort of quieted down.

If I had to pick an "unsung hero" ten weeks into the season, I might go with defensive tackle Ray McDonald. Justin Smith gets the publicity, but Mc Donald has quietly put together a rock solid season. As a 3-4 defensive tackle, he does not pile up the sacks and tackles, but he opens the door for linebackers to barrel through and make plays. McDonald was arrested before the season began, and Vic Fangio mentioned at one point talking to him to make sure he was focused and ready for football. Whatever we want to make of his arrest, McDonald has come to work and done his job week in and week out. It is hard to point to one player as the MVP of this defense, but McDonald is an example of how each player is a key component in what has been a better than expected defensive performance thus far.

Another guy worth considering might be Chris Culliver. There are some inconsistencies at times, but his performance has been better than I think some people give him credit for thus far. He has two fewer interceptions than Perrish Cox, but otherwise his numbers are actually quite similar.

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