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Steve Young discussed Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, and their QB evolution

Eric Branch conducted a great interview with Steve Young. It is well worth reading.

Mike Powell/Getty Images

An ongoing discussion among 49ers fans is the development of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. We have seen improvements in some areas of his game, but we have also seen other areas where it seems like he is slow to grow. It is a never-ending discussion because in a single game we'll see multiple examples of each. It frequently feels like a roller coaster.

Plenty of former players have weighed in on Kap's development. Earlier this week, Eric Branch had a chance to interview Steve Young, and the Hall of Fame quarterback had plenty to talk about with regard to Kap. Branch will have a broad feature on Sunday, but he posted a transcript of most of the interview on Saturday. I highly recommend giving it a read.

Young focused on the importance of developing the skills of a pocket quarterback. He talked about the idea that more mobile quarterbacks often will not learn some of the nuances of the position because they can get away with their mobile skillset. He talked about how Kap is in a unique situation where the team is winning with him as is, but there is an importance to potentially developing into a true triple threat quarterback (running, throwing on the run, pocket passing). He acknowledged that he had to believe Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman were working to improve this area, and he has seen some improvements.

Rather than go into extensive detail, I just recommend reading the article. I'd love to hear what people think about Young's thoughts on Kap's evolution.