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Arizona vs. Seattle: Get your heart meds ready...

The game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals is looking to be pretty close.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's rare that I anticipate that a non-49ers game will be more stressful than a 49ers game, but something like that might happen tomorrow. Okay, it likely won't. The second the 49ers take the field, I always move into DEFCON-49. But, the upcoming game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks has all the makings of a high-stress, teeth-grinding, Richard-Sherman-cursing, Drew-Stanton-confusion game. I hope that Marshawn Lynch just decides to put on a Cardinals jersey at one point and play for the other team. That would be hilarious. Also, he should play defense.

But all jokes aside, I think we will all be watching the game in earnest. It could have massive implications for the rest of the 49ers' season, hence our recent discussion of who we would prefer to see win. I think I side with those who prefer the Cardinals to win. It's gross, I know, and it does feel a bit like giving up on the division (though it really isn't at all - any suggestion otherwise isn't accurate). But, our best chance of winning the Super Bowl likely comes through the wild card.

But, whatever your preference for the game (just don't root for a tie - that would be the worst option), know that it's going to be close. In a brief write-up by OddsShark for Sports Illustrated, the author makes it clear that the game should be close. Technically, the Seahawks are 7-point home favorites. And, this seems to be reinforced by how strong they normally play at home in general. The Cardinals did, however, beat them at home last season. Moreover, when looking at how each team plays against the spread, the Cardinals seems to edge out the Seahawks. Seattle is just 1-2 against the spread in their last three home games. Finally, the OddsShark Computer predicts that the Cardinals have upset potential, citing a score of 28.3-26.7.

It looks like no matter which way you want the game to go, it's going to be close. Get ready for an intense Sunday...