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Week 12 NFL schedule: AM games include 3 notable NFC teams

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers get going at 1:25 p.m. PT, but there are several notable games to keep an eye out for in the early schedule.

There are several NFC teams of note on the schedule. The Eagles host the Titans, the Lions are in Foxboro, and the Packers travel to face the Vikings. We would generally like to see all three lose, although if you want to see Green Bay kept out of the division race, I suppose there is a reason to root for Detroit. For now though, I'm fine just rooting against all of them.

The biggest line of the morning belongs to Jaguars-Colts, with Indianapolis sitting as a two touchdown favorite. Divisional games are never easy to figure out, so I'm not entirely sure what to make of that spread. The Colts beat the Jaguars 44-17 in Jacksonville, so the line is not a surprise. And yet, I'm just not sure about it. Of course, that means Indy will win by 50, so take that however you want.

Browns @ Falcons
Titans @ Eagles
Lions @ Patriots
Packers @ Vikings
Jaguars @ Colts
Bengals @ Texans
Bucs @ Bears