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Better Rivals Podcast: Colin Kaepernick’s role in the 49ers average offense

This week David and Oscar contextualize the average 49ers offense and discuss Colin Kaepernick’s development as a quarterback. Is his biggest asset his biggest limiter?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we delve into Colin Kaepernick (DRINK!) and the 49ers problems on offense, including the interesting effects of losing the field position battle. We also answer all the questions the 49ers are asking themselves: What is holding the 49ers offense back? How do Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman balance short-term success with Kaepernick’s long-term development? And finally, is there any reason to expect things to get better on a short week against Seattle?


Washington review and the effects of field position: 3:08
Colin Kaepernick's effects on the average 49ers offense: 28:55

Previewing the Seahawks: 48:54
Playoff Odds Report: 1:03:28

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