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Golden Nuggets: The Noisy Northern Neighbors

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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The game all Niner fans circled on their schedule takes place at Levi's Stadium on a primetime game on Thanksgiving. We have been waiting for this game ever since Richard Sherman tipped a pass from reaching Michael Crabtree's hands in the NFC Championship Game.

Both teams need this win to stay in the playoff race. A loss could severely hurt their playoff lives. This game will be a tough, hard fought game by teams that are built almost exactly alike. Both teams are led by athletically gifted QBs, tough running RBs, and stout defenses. There are good battles all over the place. The biggest ones I believe are how the Niners defense deals with Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson running and if the Niners receivers can show up against the Seattle secondary.

The middle of the Niners defense is missing from the game in Seattle. Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman are both out. Questions will be asked of Michael Wilhoite and Chris Borland to contain Lynch and Wilson. They will need to stop Lynch immediately. They cannot let him gain those yards after contact that he thrives on. As far as Wilson, they need to make him a pocket passer. Wilson is a very effective runner that is able to keep drives alive for his team.

The Niners will need their receivers to show up on Thursday. Making key 3rd down catches, creating space for yards after the catch, and red zone targets will be very important. Do we finally see Stevie Johnson play consistently? This is the reason we signed him, correct? This would be a good game for Crabtree to prove what kind of receiver he is. And that tight end that may still have nightmares about Kam Chancellor. Will he show up against Seattle? It's been awhile since he has. Boldin is the only consistent receiver the Niners currently have, but he will need one of his buddies to help him.

Here's hoping to be thankful for a Niners win on Thanksgiving.

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