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49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks odds to win NFC West entering Week 13

We've got a look at the current odds on the 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks winning the NFC West.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are currently tied for second in the NFC West, each with a record of 7-4. They square off on Thursday night, and while it is not officially make or break for either team, the winner gets an important leg up coming down the home stretch. A 49ers win means they will have held serve at home, and have a key win in the bank in case they drop one later. A Seahawks win does not end the 49ers season, but it puts their playoff chances on life support due to numerous tiebreakers.

And of course, the Arizona Cardinals remain in first, looking to run out the clock with Drew Stanton. They were pummeled by the Seahawks on Sunday, and will look to rebound with a tough game in Atlanta. The Falcons are struggling to do much of anything, but they can still occasionally be dangerous at home.

Bovada sends out weekly Super Bowl, conference title and divisional odds. Last week, the 49ers were 15/4 to win the NFC West, while the Cardinals were 2/5 and the Seahawks were 17/4. The Seahawks home win over the Cardinals has not guaranteed them any tiebreakers, but it improved them enough to leap-frog the 49ers in the latest divisional odds. Heading into Week 13, the Cardinals are still favorites at 5/7, while the Seahawks are 5/2 and the 49ers are 7/2.

Here is how the remaining schedules look for each team:

49ers remaining games: Seahawks, @ Raiders, @ Seahawks, Chargers, Cardinals

Cardinals remaining games: @ Falcons, vs. Chiefs, @ Rams, vs. Seahawks, @ 49ers

Seahawks remaining games: @ 49ers, @ Eagles, vs. 49ers, @ Cardinals, vs. Rams

As Anquan Boldin told the team, and they have stated over and over again the last few weeks, the 49ers are in one-game playoffs every week. And it is especially true this Thursday against Seattle. The 49ers cannot afford to fall further back in the divisional record tiebreaker. And really they just cannot afford to fall back in the loss column in general. It is pretty simple for them at this point.