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NFL picks against the spread, Week 13: 49ers listed as 1-point favorites in SuperContest

The San Francisco 49ers are a 1-point favorite as they host the Seattle Seahawks on Thanksgiving. Do I take them with one of my five SuperContest picks? Who else should I consider?

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It's game day for the San Francisco 49ers, but given that it is a Thursday, it also means I need to get my picks in for the week. I am officially in a free fall putting up my first 1-4 week. Putting that together after 2-3 weeks in Week 9 and 11 leaves me in a rough way. For the first time since September, I have slipped to the bottom half of the SuperContest standings.

For those that missed the previous explanation, I'm taking part in the LVH SuperContest, with OddsShark covering my entry fee. There are over 1,400 entries, and my goal from day one has been to finish closer to first place than last place. You can check out full standings here. I'm stumbling along lately, so we'll see if I turn things around.

As Thanksgiving gets going, I now sit at 30-30 in the SuperContest. In picking every single game, I am 83-92 for the season. I've never viewed myself as a great handicapper, but the last few weeks have been particularly rough. And now we head into Thanksgiving games with all sorts of decisions to make.

For the SuperContest, I decided to go with a Thanksgiving game, but I passed on the 49ers. I went with the Cowboys at home against the Eagles. I had to get my picks for the entire week in before Thanksgiving, so we'll see how this decision plays out. Aside from the Cowboys, I grabbed the Colts over Washington, the Browns as a road dog against the Bills, the Rams over the Raiders, and the Cardinals as a road favorite over the Falcons. I'll go with that last pick as my jinxing pick. Hopefully they enjoy the stink of my awful handicapping!

As for the 49ers? Well, they have to win this game, and at home, I obviously think they can win this game. But in a game that is likely to be very low scoring, I decided not to roll the dice. The Seahawks have covered the spread in six straight games against the 49ers, but Seattle has also lost five straight road games to them. I do like the 49ers in a defensive affair, and this will be quite the defensive affair. The 49ers defense is playing better than the Seahawks, and the return of Aldon Smith has only added to that. If the Seahawks win this game, it will not be because of Russell Wilson. It will be because Marshawn Lynch has run wild on the 49ers. If the 49ers can contain Lynch, they can win this game.

LIONS vs. Bears (+7) - Lions
COWBOYS vs. Eagles (+3) - Cowboys
49ERS vs. Seahawks (+1) - 49ers
COLTS vs. Washington (+9.5) - Colts
TEXANS vs. Titans (+6.5) - Titans
BILLS vs. Browns (+2.5) - Browns
RAVENS vs. Chargers (+5.5) - Ravens
JAGUARS vs. Giants (-2.5) - Giants
BUCCANEERS vs. Bengals (-3.5) - Bengals
RAMS vs. Raiders (+6.5) - Rams
STEELERS vs. Saints (+4.5) - Saints
VIKINGS vs. Panthers (+2.5) - Panthers
FALCONS vs. Cardinals (-2.5) - Cardinals
PACKERS vs. Patriots (+3) - Patriots
CHIEFS vs. Broncos (-1.5) - Broncos
JETS vs. Dolphins (-6.5) - Dolphins