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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 13

Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Fooch's Note: SB Nation has a bigger network-wide league, so join in to beat 439 other people! The entry fee is $5, and first place will take home $200, and 80 more people will win at least double their entry fee.

Week 12 Recap

Final Roster

Colin Kaepernick $7300 - 14.64 points
DeMarco Murray $9000 - 15.3
Rashad Jennings $6600 - 16
Anquan Boldin $6800 - 24.2
Reggie Wayne $6900 - 2.5
Brandon Marshall $8300 - 4.7
Coby Fleener $5400 - 3.8
Mason Crosby $4900 - 7
St. Louis Rams $4800 - 15

Beginning Bank: $60

Week 12 Bank: $18.68

And again. The Niners Nation league took my lunch money. I hope you spend it on a really bad burrito that gives you heart burn as you try to go to sleep. Maybe the fantasy gods will be in a festive mood and help my turn my luck around over 3 days of football. Here is this week's FanDuel lineup.

Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) - $8,500 - Unlike a certain San Francisco quarterback, Ryan is using his legs to keep his fantasy floor high. The Jets have checked out and the Dolphins need this win. He isn't a consistent talent, but I like the price tag.

Le'Veon Bell (Steelers) - $9,200 - Justin Forsett just destroyed the New Orleans defense. LeVeon Bell is much better than Forsett and there should be plenty of scoring.

Shane Vereen (Patriots) - $6,600 - I usually avoid New England running backs like we went to high school together and now we're in the same grocery store. I'll make an exception for Vereen who should find is usual role in the passing attack. I reserve the right to switch my pick to Latavious Murray should he be healthy.

Randall Cobb (Packers) - $8,000 - I think he have the best day out any WR in this game. Should he not find the end zone, the receptions and yardage will still be there.

Brandon LaFell (Patriots) - $7,000 - I'm buying as much stock in this game as I can. The trouble here is that you never know if he'll get the targets with Eddleman and Gronkowski at play. He was strong last week, so hopefully that carries over.

Malcolm Floyd (Chargers) - $5,400 - If Philip Rivers has enough time in the pocket, Floyd should be able to find a few long strikes against the struggling Baltimore secondary. That's a big if, but Floyd has quietly been one of the better WR3/4 options all season.

Vernon Davis (49ers) - $4,900 - It's an okay price for a guy who has done nothing going up against one of the better defenses in the league. My sarcasm probably doesn't translate well, but I do think that either he or Stevie Johnson are up for a big day.

Graham Gano (Panthers) $4,600 - The Panthers offense has been bad, but coming off a bye Cam should be healthier and Minnesota isn't a death sentence for opposing offenses.

Houston Texans $5,100 - They'll get rookie Zach Mettenberger this week and both teams love to run. Hopefully, a low scoring game in real life gives me a million fantasy points.