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Golden Nuggets: Ready for a Thanksgiving night beat down?

Thursday, November 27, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving everyone! The 49ers are set to play on Thanksgiving for the second time in four years  as they host their arch rival tonight in the Seattle Seahawks. The last time the 49ers played on Thanksgiving, it was billed as the "Harbowl", the first ever match up between head coaches who were brothers. The 49ers lost to the Ravens 16-6 but I would argue that this game is a hell of a lot more important. For one,  the loser might just be out of the playoff race in the NFC. So lets hope the 49ers put their best effort forward on this one.

49ers and Seahawks games always seem to have some fun promotional headlines to them. For instance, Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman hate each other. Colin Kaepernick is a thug with tattoos and Russel Wilson works with sick children whenever he isn't preparing for the next game. And the most played up of all, Jim Harbaugh is leaving for one of the  31 other teams next year... oh yeah, that's every week, not just Seattle.

I have to admit,  I am not all that confident about this game. After the past few weeks of barely defeating cupcakes who seemed to be trying to give the 49ers wins, I think I am justified in my opinion. I mean, the 49ers have made the the Giants and Washington's terrible defenses look like world beaters in consecutive weeks. So Imagining what Seattle's defense might look like is terrifying.

I think the invincibility of Seattle at home might be a little overstated sometimes (the 49ers have won in Seattle more recently than Seattle has won in San Francisco), but so far Levi's has been a library by comparison. The 49ers are 3-2 at Levi's this season with a plus-3 point advantage in scoring margin. It is really obvious watching the games that the crowd has been pretty lifeless so far. Now some of that is probably due to the infuriating ineptitude of the offense at times. But home field is considered an advantage for a reason. Get your money's worth people! Those tickets are expensive!

The 49ers can certainly win this game, but Colin Kaepernick and the offense need to execute better than they have in the last few weeks. How much of the poor execution is on Greg Roman, and how much is just playing bad I don't know. But Seattle is not the same team as they were last season. Through some combination of injuries, regression, and off field distractions (sound familiar?), they are clearly not as good. Whatever the 49ers offensive problems are, they need to get it together. This game and the playoffs are in reach. To the links!

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