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Mike Florio compares Cassie Baalke tweet to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Mike Florio won the Internet on Friday with an absurd article. He managed to compare Cassie Baalke's "Fire Greg Roman" tweet with the assassination that started World War 1.

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Fooch's Update: Cassie Baalke deleted her Twitter account.

I'm writing this at 7 a.m. PT on Black Friday, and we have a winner for stupidest thing someone will write today. And the winner is Mike Florio!

Following the San Francisco 49ers ugly loss to the Seattle Seahawks, there were plenty of calls for the firing of offensive coordinator Greg Roman. This is not a new chant, but naturally it picked up steam in light of the inept offensive showing. While plenty of regular fans were complaining, one notable 49ers fan joined in. Cassie Baalke, daughter of general manager Trent Baalke tweeted this out (h/t

She subsequently deleted the tweet, but obviously nothing that shows up on Twitter ever goes away forever. Naturally, people jumped all over it. I saw the tweet last night, but really was not sure that I should do anything with it. In tweeting it out, Cassie Baalke put it out there for the public to see. At the same time, she's a college student like plenty of other people, who just saw her team get pounded on Thanksgiving. She was emotional, and she let loose some steam.

Of course, that did not stop Mike Florio from making a ridiculous stretch. He decided it was fitting to make a comparison to one of the notorious assassinations in the history of western civilization:

When I think of that tweet, clearly I think of the assassination that led to the start of World War 1. Who wouldn't think that?

There have been plenty of reports of tension between Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke. But the idea that this tweet by Baalke's teenage daughter is going to be the impetus of the final departure of Jim Harbaugh is quite laughable. Jim Harbaugh may very well leave due to problems with Trent Baalke, but unless Cassie Baalke wields some kind of power to which we are unaware, this tweet will not matter.

Florio also brought up the notion that she may have brought this up in relation to things she has overheard from her father. I suppose that is possibly something to consider, but even that I don't really buy. She's a teenager who was pissed off at what we all can agree was a piss-poor performance by the offense. Reading any more into it is useless speculation. Of course, we know Mike Florio is good for a little bit of that on occasion. But big thanks to Florio for giving me something to laugh about the morning after that ugly loss.