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Russell Wilson tweets out ‘Bye Felicia’ video, later says no disrespect intended

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks came into San Francisco on Thursday and handled their business, and it is no surprise that they leave the Bay Area a fairly confident bunch. The post-game featured Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson eating turkey on the 50-yard line as part of NBC's post-game show, and naturally that got people in a huff.

But then the Seahawks seemingly added a little salt to the wound on their flight back to the pacific northwest. Russell Wilson tweeted out this video, which featured the Seahawks on their plane before take-off, shouting out "Bye Felicia".

After tweeting out the video, some 49ers tweeted about having no class and that sort of thing. I don't know what Wilson saw on Twitter, but he decided to send out a tweet saying there was no disrespect intended for the 49ers. For those wondering, "Bye Felicia" came from Friday, and can be meant as a dismissive phrase, and a general sign of irrelevance.

Russell Wilson subsequently tweeted out a clarification.

It very well might have just been a joke, and had nothing to do with the 49ers. Personally, I kinda wish he hadn't said anything because the Seahawks kind of are in the 49ers heads at this point. While I get why 49ers fans might take offense to that, it's not like there isn't some measure of truth to it. The 49ers are not irrelevant, but the Seahawks have to be pretty much in their heads right now.

Good times!