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Getting ready for "Cyber Monday" with 49ers merchandise

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Mitchell & Ness

Today wraps up Black Friday, always a ridiculous day of the year for people going out and loading up on Christmas gifts and whatever deals they can find. The advent of the Internet has brought along a new holiday called Cyber Monday. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were viewed as one-off days, but in reality, they have been dragged out through the end of November, and into December.

I bring this up because I know people are out there shopping for gifts, or just looking for 49ers merchandise for themselves.I figured I would open up a thread for people to post any deals they stumble across and want to share with the community.

To get things started, I got this link to 25 percent off at the Mitchell & Ness website. Additionally, you can check out SB Nation's 2014 holiday gift guide. If you find anything of note, feel free to mention it in the comments.