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PFF grades, stats for 49ers-Seahawks

Pro Football Focus broke down the 49ers-Seahawks game. We take a look at some of their grades and stats.

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers saw their three game win streak snapped on Thursday, courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks. The loss dropped them to 7-5, as they once again struggled on offense. I should not really say once again, because that would indicate similarities to recent games where they got some offense going here and there. On Thursday, they got pretty much nothing going.

With that in mind, we're back for another week of PFF grades and stats. If you have any questions about this info, let me know. I can't go in and copy and paste all their content here because they make a living off that information. However, I can provide some details. And if you have any questions about their process, let me know and I can talk to Jeff Deeney, who is available to answer questions as best he can. You can also read over PFF's ReFo for the game.

Usual disclaimer: No one stat or grade or measurement is the be-all, end-all when analyzing performance. However, each stat can provide a little something extra to figuring out the bigger picture. If you get a minute, I highly recommend reading this 2-part series (Part 1Part 2) at our Eagles blog, taking a look at their system.

Chris Borland coming to earth a little bit

We'll have more details on Borland, but he earned just his second negative grade from PFF. He previously had a -2.4 against the Denver Broncos. This week against Seattle, he had a -1.4 overall, -0.9 run D, -0.2 pass rush, and -0.4 in pass coverage. He had 12 tackles, and nine stops, but he also had three missed tackles. This is the second straight week he has had that many missed tackles. He remains a work in progress, so we'll see how he bounces back in the next couple weeks. The big question will be in two weeks when he gets another crack at Marshawn Lynch.

Offensive Line

PFF was pretty friendly toward Jonathan Martin. They charged him with giving up a sack and a hurry, and gave him a -0.5 grade. We'll have a more detailed look at the offensive line, but I took a quick look back at all of Jonathan Martin's snaps. I saw the hurry in which he was basically pushed into Kap. The one sack that involved his guy could arguably be split with Marcus Martin, but I'm not entirely positive. He also had two seemingly bad blocks, one on a run play, one on a pass play, that had no bearing on the plays in question. It was not a great performance, but upon further review, I would argue it was not nearly as bad as the comments and Twitter might have you think.

Here is a rundown of how PFF graded out the offensive linemen:

Joe Staley: 1.5 overall, 1.1 pass block, 1.2 run block, -0.8 penalty
Mike Iupati: -0.1 overall, -1.4 pass block, 1.2 run block
Marcus Martin: 0.1 overall, -0.5 pass block, 0.5 run block
Alex Boone: 2.6 overall, 1.2 pass block, 1.2 run block
Jonathan Martin: -0.5 overall, 0.1 pass block, -0.8 run block

Pass rush

The 49ers pass rush got some pressure on Russell Wilson, but it was a bit inconsistent. Ahmad Brooks had his best performance in a while, netting two hurries and a sack. He graded out at 1.4 in the pass rush. Aaron Lynch had a 0.6 grade, courtesy of four pressures, including a sack, a hit and two hurries on 11 pass rushes. Aldon Smith struggled a bit, finishing with one hurry in 27 pass rushes. He finished with a -2.2 grade as a pass rusher, but 2.6 against the run. In watching the game, it seemed like Lynch dominated in the pass rush, while Aldon was busy holding the edge in the run.

Russell Wilson was pressured on 18 of his 31 dropbacks, but was 7 of 10 for 164 yards (112.5 rating) on those plays (also four sacks and four runs). The 49ers blitzed on 17 of his dropbacks. They got pressure 52.9 percent of the time when rushing four or less, and 64.7 percent of the time when rushing five or more.


The 49ers could not seem to get much of anything going on the ground, with Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde combining for 47 yards on 15 carries. The 49ers had only three rushing attempts outside of the left tackle, totaling 13 yards. Colin Kaepernick had three scrambles for 17 yards, but the 49ers did not include a single designed run for him. It is one of his strengths, but they just did not go to that well Thursday evening, for some reason.