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49ers vs. Seahawks: Taking a look at San Francisco's sacks allowed [GIFs]

The offensive line didn't have it's worst game, but we've got four more sacks to look at following the Seahawks game.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers fell to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, thanks primarily to a struggling offense. We saw a lot of the same things we've been seeing throughout this season: poor play from Colin Kaepernick, bad play-calling and the ball being snapped with one second remaining on the play clock. One aspect of the offense that I thought played well, for most of the game, was the offensive line.

At least as far as pass blocking is concerned. They were unable to get any push in the running game, but I thought Kaepernick had more time than usual throwing the football most plays. That's one of the reasons I was more critical of Kaepernick this time around -- he had fewer excuses.

That said, the 49ers did allow four sacks, and a couple of them were very bad with very bad timing. They also managed to pick up four sacks of their own, which I've also captured and will look at sometime in the coming days. But for now, just the sacks allowed:

9:25 in 1st Quarter, 3rd and 5 at SF 36: Kaepernick sacked for -7 yards

Seahawks Sack 01

I know there's guys around him, but Kaepernick looks so unnatural moving in the pocket. He kind of shuffles like an old man rather than fluidly moves throughout the pocket. That's been the case all season. But whatever the case, this was not a clean pocket and this play had little chance of success. Jonathan Martin's guy forces Kaepernick to move up, while both Alex Boone and Marcus Martin are getting pushed right back into him.

4:31 in 3rd Quarter, 1st and 10 at SEA 38: Kaepernick sacked for -6 yards

Seahawks Sack 02

Frank Gore and Bruce Miller fail to stop the rusher, so Kaepernick is immediately under fire after completing his fake handoff. His receivers also are not open downfield, so Kaepernick has little chance to make something happen. Things open up a bit later in the play, like when Kaepernick throws that pump fake, but this play was essentially doomed from the start. If Miller and Gore make that block things could have been different.

1:52 in 3rd Quarter, 3rd and 8 at SEA 19: Kaepernick sacked for -3 yards

Seahawks Sack 03

Alex Boone tapped his left thigh just before this ball is snapped. The commentary team seemed to think that meant he was going to slide left, and that nobody picked up on that. That would seem to shift the blame from Boone but I .. disagree. For one, the 49ers had the left side covered and there were no backs in the backfield, so there was nobody to compensate. Boone had no reason to slide left, so both he and Marcus Martin wound up standing there looking stupid while the guy came in unblocked to sack Kaepernick. I've noticed that happening a lot this season -- Boone blocking nobody.

1:07 in 4th Quarter, 1st and 10 at SF 27: Kaepernick sacked for -5 yards

Seahawks Sack 04

The Seahawks get plenty of push here, and I can't help but feel that Boone spent a whole lot of time looking around doing nothing while Kaepernick was still fighting for his life right next to him. Whatever the case, Boone and both Martin's allow the primary pressure on this play, though it breaks down in such a way that there's not a whole lot Kaepernick can do anyway. His receivers were not open.