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Jim Harbaugh's hat on the flag will at least make you laugh a little

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday is coming to a close, well sort of, and I figured I would put together an open thread to take us into the evening. Thursday was not a pretty performance, but we did have something funny happen during the pre-game ceremonies. During the National Anthem, the 49ers helped hold out the American flag. Jim Harbaugh removed his hat and appears to have placed it on the edge of the flag while the Anthem played. At the end of the Anthem, the people holding the flag gave it a shake. It sent Jim Harbaugh's flying onto the flag, and got a laugh out of it. I was up in the press box when it happened, and there was a laugh over it.

Here is some video from Marcus Thompson. You can see the hat on the flag, and the somebody retrieve it. Additionally, here is a set of four pictures that are pretty funny.