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ESPN says Marcus Lattimore retiring, agent says no decision has been made

Marcus Lattimore finds himself at a cross-roads, trying to figure out if he will continue his NFL career. We take a look at where things stand.


Fooch's update: Adam Caplan spoke with Lattimore's agent, so apparently Caplan's source was not him.

ESPN's Adam Caplan is reporting Marcus Lattimore will retire due to his knee issues. However, his agent, Michael Perrett said no decision has been made on Lattimore's future. This all comes a day after Jim Harbaugh said Lattimore was not at the game, and some kind of announcement would be made with regard to his situation.

Lattimore returned to practice this past Wednesday, but after two days of practice, he had to sit out Friday in the training room. He suffered devastating knee injuries in college, and has spent two years trying to work back from it. It would be great to see him come back, but this kind of comeback is probably more the exception than the rule. He has acknowledged the mental aspect of the comeback and how difficult it can be at times. He has told the media about the tough days he has had over the past two years. Considering the apparent setback he has had, it might just be what ends his comeback attempt.

I'd imagine we will learn something before this week is out. He just needs to figure out a decision with which he can be at peace with moving forward. If it means retiring and moving on to the next stage of his life, so be it.