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Fangio on Dan Skuta injury: 'I would say he is questionable right now moving forward'

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers did not have an extensive injury list after Sunday's loss to the St. Louis Rams, but they had a couple players get hurt. Brandon Lloyd (hamstring) and Dan Skuta (ankle) both left the game and were listed as questionable to return. I don't recall seeing either return.

We have not heard anything on Lloyd's status, but Vic Fangio briefly addressed Skuta's status. According to Fangio, Skuta was in for treatment on Monday, and the trainers were going to run some more tests to figure out his ankle situation. Fangio said, "I would say he is questionable right now moving forward ... We'll know more as we go through the week."

The 49ers will release their first practice participation report on Wednesday, at which point we'll start to get a better handle on his situation. This could get interesting for the 49ers given Aaron Lynch's recent emergence. For the most part, Skuta has handled base down work, and Lynch has handled nickel work. Skuta is a very capable defender, so I would prefer having him in the game, but if he does not play, we could get a chance to see even more of Lynch.

It seems unlikely that Aldon Smith will be back in time for Sunday's game, so that would mean an opportunity for Aaron Lynch to get a start opposite Ahmad Brooks. If such an opportunity does arise, it will give us a little bit better handle on where Lynch has emerged in terms of defending the run. There is a long week of practice before we know if Skuta will be available, but it is something to keep on our radar.