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How do the 49ers figure out their strengths between now and Sunday?

Marshall Faulk is back with another question for us. In the video above, he asks us to assess what the San Francisco 49ers do best, and how the team would build on that success to get into the playoffs.

The timing of this question could not really be any more perfect. After Sunday's loss to the St. Louis Rams, Frank Gore said the team needed to figure out what it wanted to be. This is a team that has found success as a rushing unit that grinds down opponents, but this season we have seen an inconsistent offensive approach. Some games they will grind it out with Bruce Miller leading the way for Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde. Other games, the team will spread it out with Kap operating out of the shotgun.

What exactly is the strength of this team on offense? One notion that is being floated is that the team built an offensive line around the ground game, and is transitioning away from that because of the strengths of Colin Kaepernick. This Ed Werder tweet had me thinking about that:

The 49ers have the talent to win the Super Bowl, but if they remain inconsistent, they won't be going anywhere except home come January. What exactly do they need to do on offense to get back on the winning track? Damon Bruce told Trent Baalke it was as simple as just handing the ball to Frank Gore. It is not quite so simple given the variables in play, but it is a go-to argument.

What is the strength of this 49ers offense, and what do the coaching staff and players have to do to actually bring it together sooner rather than later? Please don't say fire Greg Roman. If you think Roman is the problem, then specify what you would do different than the offensive coaching staff.

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