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Election Day is at hand, Jim Harbaugh will get at least one vote for Michigan governor!

It's Election Day, which means people are writing random names into ballots. Of course Jim Harbaugh was going to make an appearance.

Joshua Lott

Happy Election Day to all. Consider this the closest we will get to a truly political article on Niners Nation!

Elections across the country provide an opportunity to vote on the leaders some would like to think can bring about great change. One such voter in Michigan decided Jim Harbaugh is that man.

Yep, we have at least one write-in vote for Jim Harbaugh as governor of Michigan. I have to say, his reasoning is clearly impeccable as a Michigan fan. I have a hunch he will not have quite the number of votes necessary to make this happen, but clearly Michigan fans are serious about doing whatever it takes to bring Jim Harbaugh home!