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The return of the Niners Nation Fanduel league

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Ezra Shaw

Last week, we ran a Niners Nation specific FanDuel league, and had 52 entries. We're back for another week of an NN league, with 88 spots open. There is a $5 entry fee, with prizes available to the top 15 finishers. First place wins $100, 12th-15th win $12.50. If you have any questions, feel free to fire away in the comments.

Last week, the top prize was claimed by ohyaknow, with jono2316 finishing second, and cublicon finishing third. I don't know there NN user names, or even if they are registered at NN. If you're one of them, let us know in the comments. I finished the week in 26th place with 118.2 points. ohyaknow dominated the week, with 153.94 points. His lineup looked like this:

Michael Vick ($6900): 13.64
Ronnie Hillman ($7200): 21.8
Alfred Morris ($6800): 23.9
Jeremy Maclin ($8400): 30.8
Odell Beckham, Jr. ($6600): 19.6
Percy Harvin ($6400): 19.2
Rob Gronkowski ($7900): 21
Cody Parkey ($5000): 8
Chargers DST ($4700): -4

The fact that he had Vick in his lineup absolutely cracks me up. It made sense as a relatively inexpensive quarterback option. Vick did not have a monster day, but he really did not make enough mistakes to kill him. He did not get much from his kicker and defense, but he more than made up for it with his skill position players.

Here is jono2316's second place lineup, which finished with 140.48 points:

Colin Kaepernick ($7800): 10.88
Jeremy Hill ($5200): 28.8
Alfred Morris ($6800): 23.9
Antonio Brown ($9000): 25.9
Jeremy Maclin ($8400): 30.8
Doug Baldwin ($6700): 6.3
Vernon Davis ($5700): 2.9
Randy Bullock ($4800): 3
Bengals DST ($5600): 8

Here is cublicon's third place lineup, which finished with 137.82 points:

Tom Brady ($9000): 28.72
Ronnie Hillman ($7200): 21.8
Jeremy Hill ($5200): 28.8
Emmanuel Sanders ($8200): 20.1
Allen Robinson ($6500): 5.5
Andrew Hawkins ($6400): 4.9
Rob Gronkowski ($7900): 21
Nick Novak ($4700): 0
Vikings DST ($4900): 7

And finally, here is my lineup that finished in 26h place with 116.82 points:

Philip Rivers ($8800): 0.82
Jeremy Hill ($5200): 28.8
Justin Forsett ($6500): 13
DeAndre Hopkins ($6900): 20.5
T.Y. Hilton ($8100): 14.6
Steve Smith ($7200): 6.1
Rob Gronkowski ($7900): 21
Brandon McManus ($4600): 3
Browns DST ($4800): 9

Feel free to join in this week. The entry fee is $5. It is a salary cap-based league, so you have to fill your roster with no more than $60,000 worth of salary. To give you an idea of salaries, the most expensive player this week is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning ($10,000), the most expensive running back is Matt Forte ($9,600), the most expensive wide receiver is Antonio Brown ($9,100), and the most expensive tight end is Jimmy Graham ($7,500). Give it a look and join in the fun!