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Golden Nuggets: Every Game Is A Must Win

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

Thearon W. Henderson

What's that saying people say when you are against the wall? They usually say you have a mountain to climb. Right now, the Niners have to climb the Himalayas. They may have to win outright to make the playoffs. They sit 3 games back of the 1st place Cardinals and 2 games back of the Seahawks. They still have 1 game at the end of the season against Arizona and have 2 games with Seattle.

The offense played horribly on Sunday. The offensive line is playing worse now than at any time in the Harbaugh era. The line used to be the biggest strength of the offense. They used to batter defensive lines. This year not so much. Kap is usually on the run due to pressure. But other areas in the offense are not doing their job as well. Kap and the team are terrible in the red zone. Key players need to step up. This is looking at you Michael Crabtree. Stevie Johnson has produced at the same rate as Crabtree with about half the snaps. Not looking good if he's looking for that new big contract. Stevie should get more chances in the offense.

But there is hope if the offense turns the corner. The Niners defense is ranked #2. They have played very well without key starters. The offense needs to do its part and the season could definitely be salvaged. No one really knows how the locker room dynamic is, but we do know this team is full of players that can play at a high level. The Niners need to climb this mountain and it starts this Sunday at New Orleans. One more loss could be the end of their playoff dream this year.

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